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Compatible and Best Online Accounting Software for Small Businesses, Accountants and Freelancers

by | Nov 17, 2020

Online Accounting Software for Small BusinessesManaging finances is a significant business operation that helps make better financial decisions. Most small business owners or freelancers cannot afford to hire an accountant as they start initially. Most accountants and freelancers prefer implementing cost-effective accounting software to manage income, expenses, and streamline finances during GST returns filing. Imprezz is an inexpensive and best online accounting software widely trusted by small businesses, freelancers, and accountants across India.

Imprezz is an ideal invoicing and accounting software for small businesses and solopreneurs looking for ways to cut down on business expenses. Pay for the best GST billing software features useful for your business rather than paying for a pile of junk altogether. The software is an all in one easy-to-use platform; you need not be an expert in accounting nor require the financial background to use Imprezz. If you don’t like spending more time on accounting tasks, you can always assign someone to take care of it.

In this article, you will learn how Imprezz accounting has been helping several small businesses, accountants, and freelancers in India. Know why you should choose Imprezz for your accounting needs.

What is Imprezz Accounting?

Imprezz accounting is a computerized package that entails numerous facilities that help process financial information. The online system collects data and classifies the data by summarizing it in an accessible way. It allows the user to view and understand financial data in simplistic terms. The best online accounting software will enable you to create and send invoices, balance reports, manage income, track expenses, and view trends.

Imprezz is a simple billing software for small businesses that offers beneficial features, whether or not the businesses have employees. It is one of the most reliable online billing platforms that help track multiple companies and personal accounts. Imprezz integration brings various applications under one platform; you no longer have to log out of one application to enter another.

Imprezz GST billing and invoicing software allow businesses, accountants, and freelancers to electronically file GST tax returns in less than five to ten minutes. It automatically adjusts the TDS rates, prepaid taxes, and losses and your income and calculates the taxes. No tax knowledge is required. The software offers complete data security. Some of the Imprezz system’s many capabilities include invoicing, customer support, record-keeping, quick payments, ledger update, payroll system, balance sheets, and GST returns filing.

How to Get Started with Imprezz? – Best Online Invoicing Software

Step – 1

Firstly, log in to Imprezz, the best online accounting software! And enter your mail address and a security password to complete this step.

Step – 2

Choose your business category and create your business profile. Imprezz has specially categorized small businesses, accountants, and freelancers.

Step – 3

Once you’ve created your profile, you are all in! Imprezz offers all its unique features under a single and easily understandable platform. You can start by creating invoices or business quotations. You can also start by organizing your finances or setting up your payroll system.

It doesn’t matter what accounting tasks you want to accomplish; everything is available in a single dashboard. You can link your bank account and start adding product or service information to the accounting database. It allows the software to manage invoice processing effectively.

Why Use Imprezz as a Small Business Owner or Accountant?

The nation-wide users of Imprezz accounting software perform various accounting tasks as per their business requirements. Some professionals use the software for income and expense tracking; wherein, some freelancers use it to create and send invoices. Most accountants use Imprezz to generate reports, manage the payroll system, and file GST returns. However, the software offers comprehensive invoicing and accounting features for freelancers and small business accountants. Here’s a breakdown of the Imprezz invoice generator software that can be of your help.


Imprezz accounting platform enables its users to easily create customer estimates by creating both unique and recurring invoices. The software allows you to manage credit card payments, customer information, and sales data. It continually keeps a record of your products and services.

As a user, you must have the customer and product information already configured in the database to create invoices or service estimates. Compared to other accounting platforms, Imprezz is easier to use and simpler in design, with various customizable templates that you can choose.


Imprezz is one of the best online accounting software that simplifies accounting tasks for its users. It helps manage finances by effectively handling bank transactions. The software displays chart of accounts where you can either add or remove expenses and income. The tab for journal entries allows you to track each account over a specified period. Not many people find it challenging to get started with Imprezz accounting; however, the support team does a great job helping accounting toddlers get started with the software.


Alongside managing accounting and sales tasks, Imprezz enables you to manage purchase orders by tracking each transaction. It helps keep digital copies of each invoice issued to your customers. You can easily manage the suppliers and the products and services you use from those suppliers; Keep a record of all the items used in an invoice tab. You can select the drop-down menu and easily choose vendors and products to add to your invoice.


Imprezz banking feature enables you to link your bank accounts. You can manage transactions while paying bills. The software currently allows business owners to manually import account transactions to connect their checking accounts and third-party banking applications.


Imprezz accounting software now offers payroll management features to import employee data, timesheets, tax forms, and payroll tax data. The software provides comprehensive pricing plans that are inclusive of payroll and other crucial accounting tasks.


Reporting is one of the crucial tasks of small business accounting. Imprezz enables businesses to record the following business reports.

  • Financial reference statements of balance and income
  • Taxes
  • Track customer revenue and previous accounts receivable
  • View supplier’s expenses and previous payables
  • Access the general ledger to see a summary of all accounts
  • Monitor and manage account transactions
  • Review trial balances
  • Track foreign exchange gains/losses

You can download or export reports to either retain or share with your tax department or accountant.

Third-Party Integrations

Imprezz brings various accounting tasks under a single platform by enabling integration. You can rid of implementing various applications or accounting software for different accounting functions. The integrated software allows users to access the Tally feature, purchase order management, import function, and more!

Should Freelancers Use Imprezz? – Best Online Accounting Software in India

Imprezz is highly recommended for freelancers in India. You can’t beat the inexpensive cloud-integrated software, especially if you’re starting your freelance business. Get it all started right from the beginning. Primarily, Imprezz will help you record all your business income and expenses under a single platform, and you can easily access these reports during GST returns filing period.

You can send alluring quotations to poach new clients and send invoices that can help market your newly launched product or services. Pay for the features that are useful for your business rather than wasting money on useless invoicing apps. Give it a try, use Imprezz accounting software for your freelance start-up, and see if it meets your business requirements.

Imprezz #1 Best Online Accounting Software in India

Imprezz is the pioneer of accounting software in India, helping professionals stay on top of business accounting and finances without expert accounting knowledge. It is one of the fastest-growing GST billing software that has evolved with the best accounting features and utilities. The software lets you create and send pleasing quotations and GST standardized invoices.

Imprezz is a simple billing software for small businesses, freelancers, and accountants, enabling them to track their expenses and manage inventory. You can easily share your business transaction data with the designated accountant. Implement Imprezz invoicing and accounting software to get a clear picture of your business operations and make better business decisions.


Modern businesses and professionals strive to earn more than just a modest income. If you are one of them, you need accounting software to avoid juggling between customers and employees. Implementing accounting software will save time and effort that goes into manual record-keeping processes. Investing in small business accounting software is one of the wisest decisions you can take as you start anew.

Finding an ideal and compatible accounting platform can be a struggle. We have launched Imprezz invoicing software after comparing our features with several other software out there in the market. We provide the best and unique features that are hard to find under a single software system. If you are looking for ideal accounting software, you are just in the right place.

Imprezz is one of the best free invoice software. We offer a 14 days free trial software program for small businesses, freelancers, and accountants in India. Login to get started right away!

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