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Future of Accounting Software in India – Trends and Forecast

by | Jul 31, 2020

Future of Accounting Software in India – Trends and Forecast

In today’s competitive world, technology has recreated the business landscape. Automation and systematic processing have effectively transformed the efficiency of business operations. The latest era has witnessed a revolutionary development concerning the field of accounting software in India. On-premises and cloud computing have changed the functionality of accounting aspects.

The impact of advanced marketing methodology, integrated regulations, automation, and advanced solutions have strengthened the accounting process. The cultural shift towards acceptance of technology has drifted the demand for accounting software.

However, concerning the underlying weaknesses of the accounting industry, businesses must focus on reshaping their systems in place. Amidst the cut-throat competition in today’s world, implementing the best accounting software in India is vital for businesses to sustain.

The following article is a comprehensive layout of accounting trends and forecasts for 2020 and beyond. Further, it provides a clear understanding of the need for the adoption of technological advancements.

Top 10 Accounting Trends & Forecasts

1.       Automated Processes of Accounting Software in India

The accounting industry is picking its pace with automation. The critical trend has prompted businesses to invest in the best accounting software in India. With the introduction of accounting software, companies are now leaning towards data directed decisions. The advanced accounting solutions rids accountants and business owners from manual errors and uncertainty.

Moreover, studies prove that demand for the best billing software in India for small business accounting is only going to increase. Automation offers a highly secured accounting system and zero risks of fraudulent functionalities. It, in turn, will impact multiple business sectors in the coming years.

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2.      Comprehensive Accounting Software Solutions

Accounting software is designed in accordance to the business scale and needs. The software companies are constantly working on improving the accuracy of accounting software solutions.

The need for spreadsheet management software and practical understanding of tax management is consistently raising. With the rising demand for computerized accounting, businesses are likely to incline towards technologically directed solutions.

Concerning the software functionalities valued by most accountants, accounting software companies might address the robust solutions in years to come. It might drive the revolutionary growth of accounting software in India and the Asia Pacific.

3.      Outsourcing

The need for monitoring and managing business operations has evolved the process of outsourcing accounting functions. It enables business owners to reap higher benefits, saves the costs of payroll, salaries, training, and taxation.

Many companies are inclined to implement the strategy of outsourcing accounting functions. Several CPA firms are extremely satisfied with the value and result of outsourced accounting functions. It enables companies to provide efficient services to their clients and mainly analyze each business operation.

In recent days, the (BPO) business process outsourcing companies are turning into a significant career globally. Thus, the demand for outsourcing business functions will continue to grow. And, the increased profits and minimized risks will further upraise the market for accounting software in India.

4.      Cloud-Based Accounting

Cloud computing is gaining immense popularity globally. It enables companies to access financial data from anywhere, anytime. Companies can now easily track sales, expenses, and inventory, which saves time and creates an effective workflow.

The overall benefits of cloud computing are driving businesses to adopt cloud-based systems. The implementation of technological solutions in other industries had also increased the demand for cloud computing in the accounting industry. Thus, cloud-based accounting is one of the vital accounting software trends in 2020 and beyond.

5.      Data Analytics

Technology has downsized accounting tasks making it easier for the accountants to focus on data analytics. The automation in accounting software allows accountants to advocate valuable insights, identify improvements in processing, and efficiently manage accounting tasks.

With the emerging trend of accounting software in India, the traditional data analytics process has evolved drastically.  With accurate insights, small and large firms can now manage tax and auditing tasks effectively. Likewise, the CPA firms are also benefiting from the data analytics solutions in accomplishing their business agendas.

6.      Blockchain

Not many accounting firms are familiar with the benefits of blockchain. The advancements in blockchain technology have drastically lowered the reconciling costs and ledger management risks.

Blockchain is one of the newly emerging trends in accounting software. Businesses are now advancing with an accurate view of their history and assets. Companies are increasingly investing in blockchain technology, hoping for rigid distributed ledgers to become more flexible shortly.

7.      Social Media Linked Accounting

The global impact of social media on technological advancement is dramatic. The trending social media platforms have made it impossible for companies to sustain without an active online presence.

However, social media has helped businesses upscale their brand awareness, sales, and website traffic. Likewise, using accounting software has now created room for companies to boost their online presence.

Linking social media platforms in invoices and quotations helps organizations drive business opportunities and sales. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and blogs provide excellent marketing and growth opportunities for businesses.

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8.     AI Reshaping the Best Accounting Software in India

Artificial Intelligence is driving the accounting industry toward advancement. It offers high-speed data analytics, increased productivity, and data accuracy. The need for AI integrated best accounting software in India is rising steadily.

Artificial intelligence has optimized administrating processes with structural and systematic alterations. AI has transformed the accounting industry by replacing humans to a more substantial extent. Soon, this trend will empower data-driven decisions and analysis.

9.      Big Data

Big data has downsized the human interference in vital accounting tasks. Not many organizations understand how big data influences decision making. It secures the relevant internal data and analytics vigorously.

Startups and entrepreneurs are now making a shift towards implementing accounting software in India. They are proactively adopting data science and analytics in their accounting system to remain lucrative.

It helps foresee the growing demand for best accounting software for small businesses and large enterprises. Organizations can focus effectively on planning, analyzing, problem-solving, controlling, and other aspects of companies with the implementation of big data.

10.  Remote Working with Best Accounting Software for Small Businesses

Remote work is gaining immense popularity with the growing requirement of global employment. Advances accounting software allows limitless bandwidth access to financial data and decisions. Thus, accounting firms are now hiring professionals from different corners of the world.

Cloud computing with upcoming technological advancements can give raise to remote work. Investing in office setups can be unnecessary for businesses as employees working from anywhere can produce excellent results.

Businesses in the lights of COVID-19 have already experienced a significant shift in remote working culture. Thus, remote work can be a major upcoming trend in the years to come.


Success comes to those that take flexible actions. In the evolving technological world, accounting firms must quickly adapt to advancements to maintain their pace. An ideal way to do so is to implement the best accounting software for small businesses and large ventures.

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