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Good payment terms: How you get your money faster?

by | May 8, 2020

Good payment terms - How you get your money fasterNowadays, making a business successful needs innovation and quick money. Your business climbs the success ladder if you get your payment money faster. In present times everyone wants to master the tricks of good payment terms to get money faster. In other words, the cash flow remains intact, and you efficiently manage the money cycle for set number of days.

The good payment terms are important for getting paid on time. There is no hidden science behind this approach. With the use of simple and secure financial tools, you can get your money faster.

Regular cash flow is the most important factor in managing a business. It provides a promising picture to the investors regarding the company’s growth. But to create such an image, one needs to have a steady cash flow.

The biggest concern faced by many businesses is the timely payment of invoices by clients within 30 days. Even though after issuing invoices, most companies don’t get timely payment for their services. And to keep up with a positive business cash flow, it is essential to get money faster.

5 Effective payment terms to use

1. The art of writing payment terms in invoices

It is necessary to learn how to write proper payment terms in invoices. Otherwise, if such things are left unattended, it may cause major damage to your business.

Firstly, the payment terms should be short and precise. It should keep the customer’s attention to stay alert. And also conveys a clear signal to the customer to pay up on time.

Secondly, the late fee terms/rules mentioned in the invoices helps the client to understands them correctly. Similarly, offering an incentive to the customers is one of the best options.

It is helpful to secure a better payment term for your small business. For example, you can offer free shipping or new discounts for future business.

Thirdly, offer a variety of payment methods to the clients. For example, PayPal, credit card and even bitcoin etc. Allow the clients to opt for comfortable payment options. A trusting payment method ensures the payment of invoices is on-time.

Imprezz financial tool has created a perfect blend of useful technology for generating effective invoices. The trusted invoice tool allows the customer to develop secure and customized invoices for easy payment. It also helps to keep a tab on accounts receivable of payment.

2. Effective payment terms reminders

Sometimes a client cannot make timely payment of invoices due to various reasons. If you give a certain amount of time extension for the payment, then it may cause further delay. The client might forget about the invoice at times.

Sending friendly reminders to clients is a simple way of getting paid on time. One should email or send SMS to the client before the deadline of the invoice.

Such reminders about the pending invoice do help in up-to-date processing of the payment. Besides, sending out reminders also allows the owner to up-sell his products and services.

Imprezz software tools offer innovative reminder options to their customers. Our service ensures to optimize digital communication processes for the customers by using the Dunning process.

The practical option allows companies to control the reminder messages for payment defaulters. The emails sent to your customers inform them about the payment failure. It suggests them to make the payment or update the payment method.

3. Easy way to understand Dunning Process

With the use of this feature, you can send email reminders to your customers. It helps them to update payment details and schedule payment retries at intervals. Hence it ensures money is easy to recover. Dunning applies for various payment options.

  • Online payments
  • Offline payments
  • Direct debit payments
  • One-time payments

4. A good customer relationship

A good customer relationship helps to prioritize the payment and quick release of the money. To create a valuable customer relationship, proper etiquette and minding manners help release fast payments. While generating timely invoices, this emphasis of words looks quite influential.

Using simple words like ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ for customers looks professional. It further helps to reduce payment delays and conveys the customer that the company keeps its interest as its priority.

A specific discount on early payment of invoice helps to improve and strengthen the customer’s relationship with the company.

Our company Imprezz creates payment reminders for their clients as per the requirements. Any payment delays are quickly informed to the customers by the efficient tool. You can send invoice reminders manually, through call or the software system sends automatically for the clients.

5. Personalized text payment terms reminders

Regular payment delays by clients further delay the set financial goals for your company. Hence it affects the delay in salaries of employees. So pushing clients to release payment on time becomes challenging at times.

Defaulters, payment reminders, late payment notices, and other traditional money collection approaches result in huge expenses and reduced profits. Therefore digital messages for payment reminders are an efficient, effective, and quick way to reach out to the clients.

With the use of compelling text messaging platforms, you can automatically send payment reminders to late payers. Personalized messages, along with account details, follow up confirmations, are a few of the helpful methods. Imprezz solutions allow customized invoices payment terms to their clients.

Similarly, customized text reminders create a sense of urgency. It reinforces the value of timely payments to customers. Due dates and other useful information included moving customers to submit their payments on time.

Nowadays latest automated messaging software templates allow you to create a message with full instructions. The concise text message includes the crucial details which are easy to follow up by their customers.

Payment terms

Various payment reminder/ message

  • Soft Reminders
  • Strong Reminders
  • Final Reminders
  • Informing about legal action
  • Thank you messages

Invoicing software tools are helpful

With the use of invoicing software tools, payment management saves a lot of time. It reduces manual work, saves time, and is automated on days to pay.

Checkout www.imprezz.in to create personalized invoices securely for small business owners.

  • Invoices are useful in checking the company’s gains and losses with automatic currency conversion tools.
  • It generates automatic bill payment on the set due date.
  • You have control over your cash flow.
  • It helps to make better business decisions.
  • The software offers customized and quick solutions for all the payment problems.
  • Advance payment options are available.
  • Automatic late fee and payment reminders.

Note:- With the help of invoicing software tools, cash flow is regular and hassle-free.


Lastly, many companies face payment delays due to various reasons. But advancement in technology has made this an easy task, now you get paid faster. With effective and innovative ways, you can offer your client with good payment terms. It helps to create a satisfying customer relationship for future business.

A streamlined invoice process is necessary to stay in the competitive world.

Timely payments largely depend on the ability to make customers happy. To achieve this, excellent services and quality relationships is the key. Keep things short and straightforward when dealing with clients. A wide variety of features regarding software tools offered by us ensures that you get paid on time.

Imprezz is the place to explore to understand the accounting software.

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