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GST Billing Software – Purchase Invoice

by | Dec 18, 2020

GST Billing Software - Purchase Invoice

Modern SMEs rely on automation to stay on top of today’s cut-throat competition. Imprezz is India’s leading GST billing software that offers all-in-one small business accounting solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises. There are various official documents that business issues daily, one of which includes the invoices. Invoicing online is one of the easiest ways to track sales. Invoices are mainly categorized into two, purchase invoice and sales invoice.

A sales invoice is a document issued to the customer as proof of purchase. A purchase invoice in GST is a document issued to a buyer by its seller as a confirmation indicating the goods or services purchased. The usage of the purchase invoices is also slightly different from that of a sales invoices. There are various things a buyer must know about a purchase invoice to pay it. This article is a comprehensive GST invoice guide – Here’s everything you need to know about purchase invoices.

What is an Invoice?

An invoice is either issued on paper as a hard copy or online as a soft copy. It is formulated with various data that includes the supplier’s and buyer’s information, name, registration number (Value Added Tax, Unique Identification Number, Service Tax, etc.). An invoice also contains the details of items purchased, their quantity, tax rates, and taxable amount. It is mandatory to issue invoices as per the standardized invoice format.

What are GST Invoices?

GST invoice is a document issued as per the standardized GST invoice format. It is issued and obtained by taxpayers that acquire the GSTIN. GST invoice contains the tax rates and taxable amount applicable to the intrastate and interstate sales or purchases. There are various tax rates applicable to each type of transaction. CGST and SGST are applicable on the intrastate supplies, and for interstate supply, IGST will apply.

GST Purchase Invoice

A purchase bill with GST or invoice is issued to evaluate the purchase. It is mandatory to mention the GSTIN of both buyer and supplier to obtain the Input Tax Credit. The GST system automatically records the buyer’s account balance once the supplier successfully uploads and files the GST form.

It is essential to understand the difference between the invoice date and invoice due date while formulating a purchase invoice. The invoice date indicates the date on which a purchase invoice was issued. The due date means the scheduled date after which the payment is considered due against the issued invoice.

While generating a purchase invoice, it is also crucial to understand the importance of a serial number. The serial number helps maintain and restrict invoice manipulation. For instance, if an invoice is issued with the serial number INV020, the invoice’s formatting is preserved and limited to that number alone.

What are the Types of Purchase Invoice Issued through GST Billing Software?

Businesses in India and across the world rely on issuing purchase invoices. It helps business operations run smoothly and keeps track of each payment. Purchase invoice templates on Imprezz can be used to issue various types of purchase invoices, namely:

  • Proforma Invoice
  • Interim Invoice
  • Final Invoice
  • Past Date Invoice
  • Recurring Invoice
  • Credit Memo

Regardless of the types of invoice businesses need to issue, the customizable invoice templates on Imprezz GST invoicing software are specifically designed to create invoices and issue them. Business owners can edit the template as per their needs and save it to issue professional invoices.

How is Purchase Invoice Different from Purchase Order?

The critical difference between the purchase order and invoice is that a purchase order is a business document containing details of the transaction yet to be completed. A purchase invoice is a document containing the details of the transaction that is already fulfilled. Moreover, a purchase invoice includes the total cost of the goods or services purchased, wherein a purchase order does not.

Contents of a Purchase Invoice – GST Billing Software

There are various fields that a supplier must include in a purchase invoice. Imprezz offers customizable templates that include all the necessary fields of the purchase invoice. Once the data is manually entered, the invoice is ready to be issued in just a few clicks. Some of these elements are mentioned below.

Title – Suppliers must officially label the invoice as “Purchase Invoice.”

Invoice Number – The invoice number is the unique identifier of an invoice purely formulated with digits.

Invoice Date – It is the date on which the purchase invoice is officially issued to the buyer.

Supplier’s Details – It is crucial to mention the person who provides the goods and services. Their name, address, GSTIN, and other important information must be included in the document.

Customer Details – It is the person who purchased the goods or services from the supplier. It is crucial to mention their name, address, GSTIN, and other important information in the document.

Description of the Goods – It is an in-depth description of each item contained in the business transaction.

Quantity and Value – The quantity and amount of each product must be indicated in the purchase invoice.

Currency – Supplier must mention the specific denomination (legal medium of exchange) used in the transaction.

GST Charges – If the supplier has a business registered under the GST, the particular amount must be indicated in the purchase invoice. This way, the purchase invoice becomes valid under GST. Alongside mentioning the GST charges, the supplier must also mention the GST registration number.

The Total Amount Net of GST – The total amount of goods or services rendered is exclusive of the GST.

The Grand Total – It is the value of the transaction as per the applied GST rates.

Creating Purchase Invoices with Imprezz GST Billing Software

Imprezz is the pioneer of accounting software that streamlines the business workflow by simplifying accounting operations. The software primarily assists in the automation of accounting systems that enable business owners to focus on other business operations. The software offers a user-friendly interface that can be easily operated by accounting toddlers. Imprezz is a collection of various features that come in handy. The integration enables small businesses in India to automate and achieve higher organizational goals.


A purchase invoice is a business document that shows the contents concerning the specific transaction. It is vital to ensure that all the necessary fields, invoice date, due date, and serial numbers are accurately laid out in a purchase invoice. Purchase invoice has to be created as per the guidelines suggested by the Indian government.

The time has come for small businesses to update their invoicing procedures. Your invoices need not look basic. With Imprezz GST invoice billing software, you can easily create high-quality, custom invoices in just a few clicks. We offer 14 days of free GST billing software trail for small businesses in India. Login to get started!

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