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How can a free Chartered Accountant seat help in efficiently filling GST?

by | Jun 11, 2021

CA seat help in filing gst

Cloud accounting software is the best investment to scale your business. You can easily collaborate with your Chartered accountant and team members for GST filing and other financial decisions.  

With the advancement of technology, more and more firms are looking to embrace cloud networks for their business activities. This software allows them to enhance their functionality and deliver more value to customers. The accounting software by Imprezz enables accountants and professionals to access data anywhere, anytime. Having real-time insights about data helps accountants and financial advisors to make strategic decisions about business’ financial activity.

The wide-scale adoption of cloud software by companies has transformed the method of team collaboration. The cloud-based accounting software allows companies to unite at a single place and work together with accountants and financial advisors. This software provides real-time support to the firms and allows them to work in close liaison with their team without the location constraint. 

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What is a Chartered Accountant Seat Feature?

Chartered accountant seat is a collaborative feature provided by Imprezz, which allows you to buy seats and invite team members. Bringing together external accountants, internal accountants, CA, and team members, the feature allows everyone to work in a cohesive environment. Everyone can access specific data files, get real-time updates along with reporting and analysis. 

The accounting software emerges as a cornerstone for every business, especially when everyone is working from home. It removes the constraint of being present in the office to access files. 

The feature of “Chartered Accountant Seat” is provided by Imprezz under team collaboration. It allows you to invite a Chartered Accountant for free. However, to buy seats, you have to first create your account and change your subscription to a paid plan. 

add user for gst filing

user invite for gst filing

Image Source :Imprezz

To send an invite to a chartered accountant, you have to enter his details —Email, Name, Phone Number, Company Name, and Address. Once you send the invite, the user will receive all the information in the email.

Your chartered accountant will receive an email asking you to Join the invitation link sent by you. 

User invite

The feature of “Chartered Accountant Seat” allows your CA to extract all reports for GST filing. Thus there are fewer chances of you missing the deadlines. Once your chartered accountant accepts the invite, his account will appear under the option of “Team.”

additional user for gst filing

If you want to buy additional users, you can purchase seats for RS.149/- exclusive of GST per user every month. The number of seats purchased can only be deleted after an invitation is sent.

What it allows Chartered Accountant to access?

The cloud accounting software allows chartered accountants to access documents, data, and reports in real-time for effective GST filing. In addition, the “Chartered Accountant Seat” feature allows accountants to communicate, manage everything in one place without the need for sequential operations. 

This is also the most efficient feature for accountants. They don’t have to be present in the office to access data because everything is saved on the cloud network.

The feature of “Chartered Accountant Seat” offers multi-user access with separate login credentials for each user. You no longer have to share data over email or hard drive, thus ensuring privacy of important data within the company. Firms can work closely with their team and chartered accountants, making it easy to access and collect files whenever, wherever. 

The feature allows chartered accountants and other accountants to –

  • Collect and share documents with online software.
  • Match invoices for a specific period and reconcile accounts through this software
  • Exchange files with firms, assign tasks, collaborate on edits from any device. 
  • Track bills and invoices without asking to share over email. 
  • Send and receive financial documents and file tax returns. 

In a nutshell, multi-user accounting software enables business owners & chartered accountants to collaborate and make the best of financial data. CA can help in financial reporting, auditing, or any other financial process. With real-time sharing of financial data, business owners can save time and run their business with efficiency.

How can it assist in smooth GST Filing?

One of the most sought-after features of cloud-accounting software is enabling you to collaborate with your team seamlessly. You can invite your chartered accountant and buy seats for other team members to help file taxation and make crucial financial decisions. 

Compiling with taxation can be an intimidating task for business owners. All the business entities, whether small or large, have to file GST returns as per the prescribed regulations of the Government of India. Any deviation in GST filing can result in rejection of input tax credit or penalize the business owner for non-compilation with norms. 

Hence, the cloud accounting software and feature of the chartered accountant seat can help them track financial records, file returns on time, maintain book-keeping records, GST invoices, and much more. 

Additionally, taxation policies and rules regarding GST keep amending every financial year. Hence the collaboration with chartered accountant helps companies to file GST returns according to the latest amendments. 


Adopting cloud accounting software makes it easy for you to manage everyday business tasks efficiently and accurately. You can automate the process of generating quotations, invoices and sending payment reminders. The software allows you to have a complete overview of your business expenses and incomes. 

If you are still using spreadsheets or conventional accounting software, it’s high time to opt for multi-user accounting software. Take a demo with Imprezz today and see how it feels to stay on top of your finances. The best thing is that it offers you the autonomy to work from anywhere and collaborate with your chartered accountant and other team members. 

Are you using cloud accounting software for your business? If not, we’ll be glad to see you on the other side. 


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