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Importance of Team Collaboration feature

by | May 31, 2021

importance of team collaboration

Money is the most crucial aspect of a business, and accounting is the art of managing this aspect. The sphere of accounting has evolved over the decades. Now, especially with technology taking over, the revolution has been tremendous. 

Businesses have started adapting to the technology of the future – cloud-based software. With cloud-based software, all accounting activities are carried over the internet, not requiring physical storage or presence. Accountants and other team members can log in to the software from any location, provide real-time insights, business projections, etc.

As the business environment evolves, multi-user software has become the need of the hour. A software that allows various users to log in simultaneously and perform accounting activities. This is also relevant because accounting software has grown in terms of usage. Now multiple other departments like sales, human resource, operations, etc., also require access for performing daily tasks. 

Team collaboration in accounting software

SMEs feel team collaboration feature is beneficial for them due to the team size, although that’s far from truth. No business can carry out operations without effective partnership amongst members from the same and other departments.

After all, the business environment has developed into such an advanced sphere. Fortunately, so have the technology. Imprezz software allows upto ten members to log in, access and share the accounting information at various levels.

Accounting software that allows team collaboration has gained enormous limelight due to remote working. SMEs have also adapted to the situation, thus increasing the need for an effective team collaboration tool. While there are separate tools for team collaborations, software like Imprezz has integrated it with accounting operations services. The convenience of streamlined actions and advanced features have made Imprezz the top pick for SMEs.

Why is the team collaboration feature important?

Multi-user access

Accounting software has evolved to provide advanced features like multi-user access. A multi-user access feature allows various team members to access the data with their separate login credentials. It eliminates the need to share documents over a hard drive and the risk of losing the secrecy of such documents. Users can access relevant information according to their roles and responsibilities, ensuring secrecy while also maintaining efficiency in each task.

Easy communication

Communication can either make or break your business. Every department in every organisation needs to have a proper channel of communication to maintain a seamless flow. Hence, accounting software like Imprezz provides a messaging service as well. Team members can ping each other personally or in a group chat to share relevant accounting information.

Task management

A businesses efficiency is measured by its peoples’ efficiency. When employees start performing, results automatically improve. Imprezz accounting software allows you to manage and collaborate across teams and departments to share and supervise tasks. 

Businesses can create a timeline for each action and navigate the progress in a single space. Thus, ensuring no task goes unaccounted for and is taken care of by the right person.

File sharing

Accountants require documents to be shared back and forth. Storing and sharing books and statements can be a tedious task. Thus, the software allows multiple users to access and share files in real-time. It adds to the efficiency of operations and team members.

Also, it is essential to use secure software like Imprezz for tasks as critical as managing money.

Collaboration across departments

Accounting software has evolved over the years. From serving the needs of a specific individual to catering to the demands of members across the departments. Imprezz allows sales professionals to access quotations and bill invoices while the internal and external accounting professionals obtain information on expenses, orders, etc., to create accounting statements. 

The management can use their admin access to control and supervise the activities. Also, keep an eye on the statements and business operations.

It creates a healthy collaborative environment and increases productivity. 

Tailored access

One of the most lucrative benefits of multi-user software is the ability to grant customised access to different users. 

In Imprezz, the user with admin access controls the entire software. They can grant login access to others, assign tasks to the concerned person, restrict their access to the information, etc.

The accountants can access all the business information on the software as they have to handle the internal finance. The only point of difference is, accountants do not get access to the configuration settings. 

Also, the sales or purchase department personnel will have access to only the required fields. Say, the sales department is responsible for invoicing and quotations, so they’ll have access to the concerned tabs. The purchase department will focus on inventory management and other related accounts.

Tailored access allows business to keep their sensitive information secured and only allow necessary personnel to tap onto it.

Accounting with Imprezz

Imprezz is a leading cloud-based accounting software tailor-made to cater for the needs of Indian businesses. It fulfils the business requirements for invoicing, Inventory tracking, GST compliance, auditing, etc. 

The cloud-based software provides autonomy to work from remote locations. It ensures your business does not have to restrict access to external accountants based on location. Additionally, Imprezz also provides dedicated support to solve your accounting queries.

You can organise your finance, customers and accounting with ease.

Create legally compliant invoices online with our software and send them to your customers with a click of a button. You can automate various business actions like recurring invoicing, sending payment reminders, etc. Thus allowing you to utilise your time better. 

Track and manage inventory to avoid the trouble of understocking or overstocking. Create purchase orders and set reminders when stock is low. 

Comply with GST regulations without hassle. Create GST compliant invoices and quotations for customers, provide accountants with documents for filings and ensure a seamless flow.

Simplify your accounting practices with Imprezz and come at par with competitors. Login and avail the 14 days free trial today.


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