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Inventory Management made easy with the help of imprezz.in

by | Mar 12, 2021

Bengaluru, India, March 12 2021 – Inventory management is an important process in any organization to meet customers’ demand. That’s why Imprezz is introducing an advanced inventory management feature in India.

Imprezz is one of the most reliable, recognized finance and invoicing program that helps solopreneurs and small businesses to create their invoices, send quotes and payment reminders directly in the cloud – easily, intuitively and in seconds.

The company have extensively designed this feature for business, organizations, who still use manual and inefficient inventory management methods.

The company said that inventory management software would help companies save time and efforts by managing their inventory effectively. As a business expands and grows, Imprezz inventory management software will make it more simple to track inventory.

To sign up for the feature, please visit here.

With the evolvement of technology in the last few years, the demand for automation has also increased. More tools & systems are being created, which will make it easier for people to do things in the workplace and execute sophisticated processes in the organization.

Imprezz offers small and large scale companies a new feature of inventory management. With the help of this feature, they can create articles, track articles in inventory.

The feature is available to everyone who needs to keep their inventory in control and take their business to the next level. Companies no longer have to track every article individually; rather, they find them assorted at a single place.

“Now, companies can track a particular article; instead of going through the entire list, they have to simply enter the name of the article in the search bar, which will automatically detect the article. This feature will allow them to save a lot of time and effort,” said the CEO.

The company also have feature for sending quotations, payment reminders, creating purchase orders, invoices etc. That’s why it is suitable for professionals, business owners, working professionals, and people looking to reduce the chances of storing excess inventory and ultimately reduces the holding cost.

About Imprezz

 Imprezz is one of the leading cloud-based accounting software that has helped several small businesses in India proliferate. It helps manage GST tax filing, data reporting, reconciliation, and various other financial tasks under a single accounting platform. Users can utilize the dashboard to get insights from the overview of the total expenses, income, and key performance indicators.

Imprezz provides cloud access that allows enterprises to work remotely. The inventory management module enables supervisors to view the available stocks, create customized units, import financial data in excel or PDF format. It helps businesses link their bank accounts that allow real-time tracking of cash flow and daily transactions. The software offers a 14 days free trial software program for SME’s in India. Log in to know more!

Media Contact

For India            Amit Mundra   0049 2735 776248       info@imprezz.in   https://www.imprezz.in/  


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