Ensure stock availability all the time

Automate stock movement

Analyse sales data with smart dashboard

Manage expenditure and purchases

Get articles and customer overview


Don’t find yourself under stocking or over Storing

Track your incoming and outgoing stock levels with Imprezz inventory management software. It gives you updates on your product journey right from the order placements to its delivery to your customers.


Leverage digitisation to optimise operational cost

Create purchase orders and send them as a link via an email conveniently to your suppliers. Make changes in case of negotiations and convert it into a purchase with a click.

Better to be ready before hitting rock bottom! Create professional purchase orders when stocks run low, avoid human errors and save time on corrections. Add comments to facilitate communications with your suppliers.

Make a record of every penny spent, instantly convert purchase orders to expenses or purchases and get a comprehensive data on your expenditures

Get an overview of all your purchase orders sorted according to status and take actions accordingly. The direct search feature will substantially reduce the time and effort invested in document hunting.


Track and manage expenditure accurately

Every business thrives on smart management of income and expenses. Keep a track of your profitability through the sales and expense statistics for overall business or at payee level.

Enable stock reminders in the article settings to easily track stock movements. Get quick alerts on your stocks and stay updated. Keep track of your inventory from anywhere, anytime with Imprezz.

Get an overview of all your purchases and their payment status, and sort it according to priority on your Imprezz dashboard. You also get a month and week-wise expense/ purchase data along with sales to analyse reciepts and payments.

Your expenses are linked to your stock movements. When an expense is incurred during purchase, the same is reflected on the stock movement.


Keep a tab on your stock movement

Manage your product portfolio, availibility, performance and keep a check on your operating costs. Analyse sales patterns for your customers and articles to plan for future demands.

Imprezz helps you add customised article details as per available categories. Be it purchase price, selling price, GST and other details like HSN/SAC codes – get it all at your fingertips.

Get detailed information about our customer’s consumption pattern. View history data for customer-wise purchase, transactions, open invoices, due balances and more

Get an extension to Imprezz web product in the form of mobile app. Leverage the mobile portability to manage and monitor your business from anywhere!


Solve your sales!

Sales directly impacts the stock movement and is reflected as outgoing stock. Imprezz sales report provides an overview of sales for a specific time period vis-a-vis the expenses.

Track your sales easily with the registered invoices and corresponding reciepts. You can view and maintain the paid invoices in the order of preference to analyse sales data.

The easy to follow reports and graphs of Imprezz provide article-wise, customer-wise data. You can also import this data in excel format for deep checking and analysis.

Get notified via smart alerts whenever your inventory goes below the minimum limit set by you. Also, keep a tab on your incoming stock through instant alerts.

Inventory management - at your fingertips!