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Is Accounting Online Safe for Businesses?

by | Jul 16, 2021

Is Accounting Online Safe for Business?

The process of using internet technologies such as your smartphone or web browser to function business accounting is called online accounting. The purpose of online accounting is to replace spreadsheets, manual accounting that is paper-based, and other traditional software so that data can be accessed easily and conveniently. For this purpose, Imprezz can be trusted completely as it is reliable online accounting software that will take care of all your needs.

Benefits of Online Accounting

It goes without any doubt that over the years paper-based accounting, spreadsheets, and desktop accounting software have served the purpose of accounting successfully. However, over time demands of small and medium-sized businesses are changing and that gives birth to the requirement of a bookkeeping solution that is comparatively more agile. 

Let us have a look at some of the benefits: 

1. Increased Automation of Tasks

Online accounting can help improve the quality of your bookkeeping efficiently. It is designed to facilitate the users by automating a series of financial tasks that run in the background. Which would otherwise have to be done manually. This ultimately makes online accounting a quicker solution to manual accounting and your best bet would be Imprezz as it focuses on providing exceptional quality of services to its users. 

2. Ease of Use

Using the right online accounting software is very important to make sure that you are getting the best quality of service. Imprezz is one of the finest accounting software that will provide an easier way to perform financial tasks such as bookkeeping, financial accounting, and a lot more. 

3. A Real-time Overview of Your Business Figures

Many small businesses may find it difficult to get an overview of their business figures when it comes to manual accounting. But the same can be done efficiently with the help of online accounting. For this purpose, Imprezz can be used as it is a great software that will solve all your accounting problems.

4. Scalable Software

Online accounting software like Imprezz is designed in a way that will make it convenient for you to scale the services of your businesses’ needs up or down. Imprezz will allow you to develop a reliable accounting portal for you available 24/7 as it is designed to feature add-ons and third-party apps.

5. Smart Access at Any Time

With the help of Imprezz, you will be able to access your financial accounts while on the go without having to stop at one place and check important updates. Online accounting is a modern way to perform financial reporting as compared to the old-fashioned use of the desktop system. 

Drawbacks of Online Accounting

Below we are going to discuss some of the disadvantages:

1. Data Security

Nowadays it is difficult to find reliable software that can be trusted with your confidential information. Many online software simply lies about keeping your sensitive information and then end up misusing it. Thankfully, Imprezz is one of the software that can be trusted completely with your data.

2. Lack of Customization

This concern usually belongs to the large-scale organizations that run on the systems of legacy. Lack of customization can cause inconvenience while handling data.

Also, it can slow down the overall process of financial accounting. This makes the purpose of online accounting software useless and a waste of time. Imprezz focuses on providing a wide variety of options to its users so they can operate conveniently.

3. Only Available Online

Another drawback is that you need to have an internet connection to access your accounting systems. Without the internet, your data cannot be accessed even if you need to use it urgently. If you are at your office and the power runs out, you will not be able to continue doing your work as it is only available online.

4. Hidden Charges & Fees

This problem can be found at a lot of places in the online industry whether related to accounting or otherwise. The software that you are trusting might later ask you to pay hidden fees and charges not mentioned before. This can cause a lot of inconveniences while doing accounting online. But you don’t have to worry about hidden fees while using Imprezz. 

Using the Documentation Feature at Imprezz

As there are various advantages and disadvantages of using online accounting software, Imprezz is one of the software that will allow you to access your safe financial information anytime and anywhere. The documentation feature at Imprezz will surprise you as it is loaded with creativity. Also, it is very useful to be used by small businesses.

It doesn’t matter if it is a train ticket, a catering receipt, or simply a fuel receipt. All you have to do is upload a PDF of the receipt directly on Imprezz. You can then create the related expense and save it. That’s all.

The boom of the Online Accounting Market

According to new research, there have been shown records of 67 percent of accountants that prefer online accounting software as compared to using the traditional ways of accounting. Due to this, the cost of accounting labour has also been reduced by 50 percent.

That is not all, the market of online accounting is still expanding and by the year 2023, it is predicted to touch around $4.25 billion when currently it is at $2.62 billion. This is a dramatic boost in the market of online accounting which means that it should be recognized more in India. 


From the above discussion, we can conclude that although there are some drawbacks to using online accounting software they can be avoided by using authentic and reliable software like Imprezz. Many businesses have adapted using online software and are here to tell the tale. This implies that accounting online has been made very easy these days. 

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