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Online Quotation Creator – New Online Marketing Strategies

by | Jul 15, 2020

Online Quotation Creator - New Online Marketing Strategies

An online quotation creator is an excellent tool for businesses to upscale the chances of getting compensated. Have you ever wondered how you could use an online quotation maker to market the goods and services your business offer?

Amidst the ongoing COVID-19 economic crisis, most businesses are now shifting their focus towards implementing online marketing strategies. As a business owner, you must be well aware of the need for effective invoice processing. But not many people are familiar with online invoice marketing tactics.

It is one of the most powerful strategies to leverage online quotations or invoicing to your favor regardless of the business scale. In case you are learning of this for the first time, it might sound complicated.

Are you brainstorming on how to make quotations a marketing machine? Here are six easy marketing tips to turn your invoices into a digital marketing tool.

1.           Shoot Up Brand Awareness with Online Quotation Generator

Branding is vital to differentiate your business from that of your competitors. It not only creates an impression but helps your customers understand the value of your product and terms of service. Thus, branding is one of the crucial online marketing strategies for both large and small businesses.

Branding is a strong backbone for businesses. It is an ideal way for companies to express themselves and their beliefs. Everything from a logo to tagline and themes adds to bridge a connection with customers, setting your business apart from the rest.

If you have been blindly sending invoices or quotations, you miss out on a severe branding opportunity. Accept it or not, online quote or quotation maker is a brilliant platform to increase branding. Wondering how you can brand your quotations? Follow these simple tactics to spread your brand awareness:

·      Captivating Business Name

Be precise on the font or style of your business name inserted on the top of the quotation. The visibility and appeal matter the most.

·      Logo

Do you have a logo for your business? If not, get one.

A logo is a visual representation of your business. It is an effective way to communicate your business information. Insert a logo in your quotations to make it more effective.

·      Alluring Themes

Selecting the theme of your quotation template is also a key branding strategy. Choose a theme that goes well with your brand. Use eye-catching colors. Also, ensure that the color you use is a definition of your brand.

·      Linking Social Media Icons

You know how effective social media platforms are in marketing a brand. Insert social media icons in the form of buttons or links in your quotations. It will automatically land your customers on your business’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn platforms. It, in turn, will help your customers get a better understanding of your business and keep them updated about all the ongoings.

Automate the process of invoicing. Create quotes and accomplish your online making strategies with Imprezz.in.

Automate the process of creating quotations. Accomplish your online making strategies with Imprezz.in.

2.          Referral Incentives

The program of referrals allows you to identify your loyal customers. It is one way to reward your customers and making them feel valued. Referral incentives are offered for customers who often share your content or ones that have a large number of referrals sent.

The technique of offering incentives to customers has been in use for a long time. However, it is used by seasoned marketers that aim to drive more business into their pool. Thus, an online quotation maker is a great way to request for referrals. Chances of acceptance from satisfied customers are high since they have just completed a deal with you.

3.          Offer Box with Imprezz – Online Quotation Creator

Promotional offers are usually used by businesses to prompt customers to buy their goods or services. Online quotation creators often include a messaging area. It allows you to promote your product and make special offers.

A professional approach to the same includes creating an offering box. It doesn’t necessarily mean creating a shape. Include a visually appealing design that can get the customers to notice and read the offer.

Use the utmost creativity in designing an offering box on an online quotation maker. Make it look relevant to your business, season, and audience. For instance, you can offer free delivery during festive seasons or a percentage-wise discount on your writings.

4.          Invitations! – Sign in a Brochure or Catalog

Invitations are a critical campaigning strategy. It helps build a customer base for a new product launch and promotes sales. Are you wondering how to create quotations with invitations linked in it? Here’s what you can include on an Online quotation creator:

·      Brochure

It is an ideal way to introduce your clients to a new or additional product/service that your business offers.

·      Flyers

In case you are planning to make a special offer or announce your new launch, Flyers are a great idea.

·      Mini – Catalogs

You can highlight all your products and services on a mini catalog. It enables a customer to understand various aspects of your business.

·      Invitations

Invitations apply to businesses like event organizations. Or, companies that are planning to host a VIP event. You can send an exclusive event invitation for your customers through an online quotation maker.

Get rid of paper-based invoices or manual material printings for marketing. Make a smart swop to electronic invoicing. Send emails to your customer every time you send them an invoice or quotation. This way, you can add your additional attachments to the emails.

5.          Gratitude is a Key to Success – Thank Your Customers

Most online quotation software offer templates that have a separate section to include a note. Here, you can write to your customers and let them know you appreciate their efforts. Write a brief and personalized “Thank You” note.

It is an effective way to build loyalty in professional yet personal means. While writing the bit, ensure the context highlights your brand. Let it also sound like a good and authentic business pitch at the same time.

6.          Request for Feedbacks and Testimonials to Add on Online Quotation Maker

Customers always pay attention to reviews, even before they make a deal with you. Regardless of reviews being positive or negative, they believe them. Testimonials or reviews determine a customer’s purchase decision at the end of the day. Not having reviews or testimonials on your business page can make it look comparatively less legitimate.

Don’t take chances—request for testimonials or reviews from your satisfied customers. You can subscribe to Imprezz.in for some excellent invoicing features. It is among the very few online quotation creator software in India that allows you to place testimonials links easily on the invoice templates.

online quotation creator software in India that allows you to place testimonials links easily on the invoice templates.

Apart from testimonials, you can request your customers feedback on their overall experience of having completed a deal with you. It is also a great way to modify the business areas in which you are slightly lagging.

Features Of Online Quotation Creator

An online quote maker eases the process of creating a quotation for sellers. Here’s are some features you should look at in an online quotation maker:

1. Simple UI design

The quotation maker should be easy to operate and make the process of creating quotation seamless for users. The user-friendly design should save both time and effort. 

The Imprezz quotation maker is easy to use and the best automation tool to send online quotations. 

2. Personalization

The best quote maker offers you an option for personalization. You can add your business logo, address, other important details using the Imprezz automation tool to make it compatible with your brand’s identity. 

3. PDF downloads

Check if the quotation maker offers you an option to download or send quotations directly to the clients. You can easily download and send quotations in PDF formats to the buyers to get better access on their devices. 

4. E-mail Quotations

The best online quotation maker will allow you to send quotations in a PDF to a mail and avoid printing them unless required by the buyer. This will save both the time and cost of printing the quotations. 

5. Invoice generator

Convert your quotations to invoices directly with the Imprezz automated quotation maker and send it to the client. 

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Tips For Making A Great Quotation

You can always create a professional quotation for your potential buyer using Imprezz. The online quotation maker by Imprezz has all the added features which create a great user experience, save your time and effort. Creating a good quotation means a better understanding of estimates, costs, and time projections. Below listed are a few tips that will help you make a compelling quotation. 

1. Proper Structure

The basic step to make your quotation look more professional and easy to read is to have a proper structure. Follow a standard layout for creating quotes that have the following elements:

Header: Your quotation should have the name of the company, contact details, tax registration number, quotation number and date, payment terms, and the recipient’s name. It should have the word “Quote” or “Quotation” at the top of the page.

Body: Clearly state the quantity of product or service with the information related to pricing. 

Footer: Add the total amount, tax amount, and validity of the quote. 

For the other party to become liable for the payment, they should sign the quotation. 

2. Estimate Cost Materials

Makes sure you evaluate all the costs from your end before sending the quote. There are multiple costs involved in an organization, such as material costs, making charges, manpower required, and travel expenses (if any). Provide an overall estimated cost of your product or service in your quotation to ensure that you don’t face any loss. 

3. Estimated Timeline

Quotation clearly mentions the timeline in which you will deliver the product or service to the buyer. Make sure you calculate the time, based on your time to source materials and make the product. Give them an estimated timeline accordingly to avoid any grievances in the future. 

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4. Add Terms and Condition

Terms and Conditions are an important element of your quotation. It prevents you from any misuse, limits your liability, and establishes ownership in your trademarks, content, copyrights, and other intellectual property. 

5. Add Notes

You can use notes to add any additional information you want to include. This option is majorly used to mention timelines and the expected delivery date. You can likewise summarize the project scope. 

6. Research and Competition

Check with your competitors and see what they are charging for the services offered. The automated platform for creating quotations plays a major role in making you look more professional. Thus use the platform that has all the features to ease the process of sending quotations. 

By conducting market research, you can give your client a better deal compared to your competitors. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the difference between invoice and quotation?

The major difference between invoice and quotation is that you send an invoice to request payment once the product or service is delivered to the customer. In contrast, a quotation is an estimated cost sent to a potential customer. It includes the estimated price for the goods and services requested by the client. 

2. How to send a quote to the company?

The moment you receive a request for a quotation, act instantly and correctly quote your prices. Here’s how to send a quote to the company: 

The initial step is to estimate the price of your product or service. If the product or service does not have any standard market price, list out all the requirements and understand the complexity of the task. 

You need time to acquire raw materials, labor, and technology and create the final product. Thus consider all the time to send a timeline within which you’ll deliver the product or service. This gives a rough estimate to your client. 

Once you complete all the research, use an online quote maker to make a quotation for your client. 

Send the quotation you have generated using Imprezz online quote maker. You can download the quote in PDF format and attach it to an e-mail.

3. What is a price quotation?

A buyer may request a quote from various sellers for their product or service. The seller then provides the exact price that the seller would charge for their product or service, called “price quotation.”

4. Why Use Online Quotation Maker?

The online quotation maker helps you save the time and effort required for creating a quotation. 

It eases the process of creating a quote and helps you with personalization with the brand logo, colors, and fonts so that your quotation can reflect your brand’s identity. In case you want to handle all quotations and other accounting requirements for your business, you can use the Imprezz app. 

Are you looking for a step-by-step guide on How to send quotations using Imprezz, you can read more on the following pages:

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Online Quotation Creator – New Online Marketing Strategies


Now that you have realized the importance of an online quote maker and additional online marketing advantages associated with it, well, it’s time to get started. Always offer something exclusive or free to entice your customers to make future deals and purchases. Let them know you are an expert in the industry.

Start a 14 days free trial to automate your online marketing approach with our online quotation creator.

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