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5 important things to look in an invoice software

by | Jun 25, 2020

5 important things to look in an invoice softwareFor a small, large, or startup business owner invoicing is an integral part that needs attention for smooth functioning. If you fail to generate an accurate and timely invoicing, then your cash flow suffers hugely. Therefore, create severe damage to your business and thus it is important to wisely choose a good invoice software.

With the use of online invoice software, work efficiency increases. The online software helps to remove human errors, and are easy to access. The online generated invoices are accessible from any part of the world through any device, be it mobile or desktop. Invoicing software is any day better than buying an invoice template.

5 Important things to look in an invoice software

Every time you sell a product or service, you need to create an invoice with an invoice number. Invoice is a document that you create for your customer to whom you sell your product or service. If you are managing a business in any part of the world, how to reduce invoicing costs becomes the biggest concern.

An invoicing software saves your time, price, and create efficiency in the work. It creates a seamless and accurate process to manage all your financial operations.

I. Creating customized invoices

Invoicing software offers the ability to conveniently customize invoices to impress your clients as per your branding. It’s easy to insert your company logo, opt for colours of your choice while creating a personalized invoice.

Invoice software

A customer relies on accurate information when it comes to getting billed. Correct address, phone number, pricing details etc, need to be visible on the invoice. A transparent invoicing process, gives an opportunity to build trust amongst your customers.

The automated invoicing method also reduces the work of writing and rewriting invoices over and over again.

A wide variety of invoice templates allow you to choose invoice format based on your industry/preference. For instance, you can pick templates based on service/product on hourly rates.

II. Easy customer management system

When you have multiple clients, it’s not easy to remember and maintain a record for each individual. When creating invoices, if you have to look up for each client’s information, it further slows down the entire work process.

An invoicing software saves all the contact information details in its database. Imprezz offers accounting software that allows you to save and edit all goods and service related customer data centrally. You can freely access data at any time from anywhere.

The software stores each customer detail, discounts, the total amount owed, and delivery conditions etc. The credit note feature allows you to provide a unique identifier number to manage any discrepancy after the payment is made. It gets attached to the existing invoice while maintaining your invoice sequence.

Dashboard overview and other tracking capabilities help you to keep a check on your cash flow, recurring invoicing, reminders, and notifications.

This way, you save your valuable time, and the entire customer database is kept secure and organized.

III. Multiple Payment Options

A professionally designed invoice gives your customer a piece of clear information and message. An online invoice focuses on the action that matters most to everyone, i.e., fast payment.

In Excel and Word invoice templates, you cannot provide a wide variety of payment options. With invoice software, your customers can make payments with the convenience of credit card, via bank account or Paypal. When you offer various secure and convenient payment modes to your customers, then the odds of getting paid faster increases.

Online invoices have on the spot “pay now” button attachment, so the customers can pay quickly when they view your invoice. Email and push notification facilities are useful to see updated account activities, such as accepting quotations, receiving payments etc.

IV. Tax, discounts, and shipping many powerful tools

Online invoice accounting software securely stores all your products, prices, customer, and tax details. Each time when you create an invoice, you can quickly generate any information with a few clicks. You can give a different reference number to all your customers as per their purchase order history. For instance, using the shipment number or purchase order number.

The software also provides insight to help you identify where the majority of your income comes from.

All the information related to regular payments and data about the selling of products, etc., is available without any trouble. Additionally, customer payment data is stored in a PCI-compliant way ( Payment Card Identity Data). It means that both you and your customers have no problems regarding the security of payment details.

When you opt for online invoice software options, your data is stored, managed, and processed in the cloud. In simple words, your information is securely stored online in the same way as the computer’s hard drive.

In case if you encounter any problem with your computer, the online data remains safe. The data is backed up on multiple servers.

Invoice software

At Imprezz, you can create GST compliant invoices with the click of a few buttons. With the GST Export tool, the receipts of your income and expenses are accessible to export for your GST returns filling.

V. Fully automatic process

The automated features in the software help you process all your invoices requirements. Following customers for bill payments is one tedious task. Invoice software takes all your problems away and sends automatic reminders to customers who haven’t paid on the given due date. It reduces the chances of getting your payment late or unnecessary delays.

For regular customers, you can easily automate your invoices. So that the clients release payments on a recurring schedule (a set date every month).

With a set recurring payment schedule, the reminders are automatically sent to the customers over a 30 days cycle. You can easily modify the settings at anytime. It can be regularly done via credit card or bank transfer details through a recurring invoice.

How to enable the recurring option?

  • You can set a recurring invoice for a client.
  • Enable the various payment options on the recurring invoice.
  • You can instantly send a recurring invoice to the client.
  • Enable the “Yes” option to Accept Credit Cards and a Recurring Schedule while setting a recurring invoice.
  • The client can enable, remove, or update a recurring payment option as per requirement.
  • You can also disable the recurring option at any time.

Imprezz offers the best invoice software with real accounting functionality to manage all the financial operations with ease. All financial data and records remain stored in one place. Hence, you manage your taxes without worry and stress.


In the end, small businesses need to pick an invoicing software, which makes their work efficient and hassle-free. The software should ensure that it meets all your business need. It should quickly implement in your business operations without bringing any significant change in the functionality.

Imprezz solutions and services offer professionally secure software with excellent customer support. The team helps you guide through all the processes with ease and competence. Check out more information on www.imprezz.in

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