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Standardized professional quotations

Generate simplified GST compliant invoices

Get paid on time with smart payment reminders

Improve efficiency with automated recurring invoices


Eliminate your manual work with automation

From sending quotations to converting them into invoices, from setting up payment reminders to registering payments on the dashboard, Imprezz ensures efficient, secure and reliable business transaction processing.


Delight your customers, exceed their expectations

Seal business deals swiftly with professional quotations by adding customer, article details and payment terms in a few clicks. Send the ready to roll quotations hassle-free, via email or through a direct link. Track accepted quotations.

Switch to Imprezz software’s error-free quotations. Our professional quotation templates create a confident brand image for your business and assist in the fast closure of business deals.

Once created, the quotations can be directly sent to the email ids of the customers in pdf format or as a URL. Gone are the days of stress over heavy paperwork; the quick link allows the clients to review and accept the quotations on the browser.

Filter data basis customer, date, and other parameters to easily track the status of idle quotations at one place. Convert the accepted ones to invoices and respond quickly and hassle-free.


Build GST compliant invoices from quotation with ease

With Imprezz, you can easily convert your quotations into GST compliant invoices in just one click. Never miss an important update and track your invoices to maintain a steady cash flow in your business.

This feature assigns automatic numbering to the invoices whenever generated. You can set the number range as per a financial or calendar year.

In case of a renegotiation and change in offer details no need to worry about creating a new quotation. Imprezz allows real time updates in the existing quotation to mark new changes hassle-free.

Once your quotations are accepted by the customer you can easily convert them into GST compliant invoices using one click automation inside Imprezz. The invoices created automatically pick all the relevant customer and product details like – price, discount rate, GST rates etc.


Scale your business to new heights

Using Imprezz, get customised solutions as per your industry type, from time based billing to recurring invoices and lead your business to high volume and high velocity outcomes.

No more worries about billing regular clients! Setup the recurring invoice system of Imprezz software to ensure that the regular clients receive invoices on time and you receive timely payments.

If you are a service provider offering services at a per hour rate, we have your back! Add the details of the time or hours to be worked, rates/ hour and customer details and you are sorted. The timesheet will record the hours worked and bill your customers accordingly. You can also create job descriptions and send them to your client directly.

You can add payment terms to quotations and invoices and determine the due date, discounts, and text modules


Profits don’t see boundaries, neither should you

Expand your business across borders without worrying about exchange rates! The multi-currency feature of Imprezz automatically converts INR into foreign currency as per the latest exchange rates.

Imprezz software saves client details with their country and currency. So whenever you create an offer or invoice for them, the software automatically converts the article price into relevant foreign currency

The foreign currencies supported for exchange by the Imprezz software include USD, EUR, SGD, MYR, AED, CAD and GBP. The exchange rates are updated every hour for auto-conversion. You can also set a default rate if required.

Easily set a fixed exchange rate and be flexible in your business dealings with your clients.


Get more time to focus on things that matter

With Imprezz you now get payment gateway integration, simplifying your life further. Instantly record payments for full or partial payments. The ‘instant payment records’ make payment follow ups less confusing incase of partial payments.

Imprezz now has an integration with one of the most popular payment gateways in India, Razorpay. Using this feature, you can generate invoices and get paid conveniently and instantly.

Payment records give a clear picture of all the payments made. Based on the payment you can figure out if the amount paid is partial, or a part of the discount offered by you or a bank fee in a simplified way.

The smart dashboard offers a summary of your business operations in real time, it gives you an overview of your revenues and growth at a particular point in time to help you draw quick comparisons and take action.


Manage your receivables and never miss a payment

Collect your dues faster and more conveniently with Imprezz’s automated payment reminders. All you have to do is specify the payment terms, set deadlines and enter interest rates, and the software will take care of the rest.

You can choose the frequency at which you wnat to send payment reminders and also set four separate levels of reminder for each payment. Every time the payment is due, the software will send the reminder with a dunning fee.

Using this feature, you can customise your reminder messages. Also, set the overdue fines and remind your customers about fine initiation.

In the case of part payments, the remaining amount will reflect as due on the customer’s invoice, automatically. You can maintain a record of the remaining amount and send payment reminders to the client to clear the dues.

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