All Imprezz functions in brief



Maintain your documents and allocation of payments in compliance with accounting standards and best practices

Article Management

The feature allows you to add and edit new articles on the tool. Add all the pertinent information related to the articles for your future reference

Automated Reminders

Our automated software handles the payment reminders for you. Every time the software detects that your payments are due, it will send an automated reminder to the customer according to the degree of automation you select


The software enables automation of activities such as payment reminders, sending invoices and quotations, so you don’t have to work manually. This allows you to use your time efficiently and focus on core areas of the business

Article Database

Have a complete view of your articles in one place. You can easily manage them with the help of this feature without having to locate them indivisually

Automated Numbering

Each bill has a unique number that makes it easy to track and eases tax filing. Imprezz automatically generates a unique number for your bills to avoid any human error


Store attachments using the drag & drop feature or insert them via files on your computer. You can directly send quotations and invoices to the recipient as an attachment by entering his or her email

Acceptance of Quotations

Create professional quotations and send them directly to the client via email, or you can download them as a PDF. You can also send a quotation link to the client to view in an online browser which they can accept immediately


Bulk Payments

Instead of accepting individual payments, you can receive a sum total of the amount due immediately with Imprezz. In the process, the payment due from the previous invoice will be received first before the client initiates the new ones

Bulk Refunds

The feature allows you to refund in bulk any additional balance for a customer due to the cancellation of paid invoices or payments received in excess


CA Seat

Allow your chartered accountant to easily manage your finance and accounting online with the team collaboration feature

Customer Overview

You can have a clear overview of your customers instead of tracking them individually. Get details regarding the number of customers, including all the transactions made

Credit Note

With Imprezz, you can raise a credit note based on the original invoice. A credit note is automatically generated to the invoice for which it is created, has its own unique number, and is shown in the amount due for the invoice

Contact/ Customer List

Maintain the database of all the customers at one place access customer information such as name, address, contact details instantly. You can track sales overview, invoices and quotation sent to an individual customer



Your dashboard is the overall view of your business. Get real insights about invoices, stock, payments, and sales at any given point in time

Data Integration

Customer data is an integral part of our business. Hence your data is stored on a secured cloud network and is automatically backed up every time you make changes

Debit Note

You can quickly create a debit note for your supplier, as a request for credit or reimbursement against damaged goods with the help of Imprezz


You can activate up to 4 dunning levels to collect overdue payments based on the setting you make. You can create the most appropriate frequency of sending the reminder

Data Security

Safeguard your data is our atmost priority. Hence, all your information, including transactions, is safe on Imprezz with end-to-end encryption and a reliable cloud server

Document Entry

Eliminate the tedious and labour-intensive task of data entry with an automated tool for data extraction. The tool allows you to sync and automate your data from other files

Data Import/Export

Import and export all the documents in PDF, JPG, PNG format, and access them anytime you want


Email Delivery

Generate and share invoices with your customers, instantly via eMail delivery feature.


Based on your purchases and expenses, the feature allows you to get an overview of expenses for a given month

Expenditure Management

Get a complete overview of your expenses, identify cost-saving opportunities, and control miscellaneous expenses with Imprezz


GST Export

Imprezz allows you to download invoices and expenses in two fomats- Tally and CSV for selected period.


Import articles

If you have existing article information stored in MS Excel on your device, you can easily import it to the software

Import customer data

Import your customer data available on MS Excel with the help of the import feature on the software


Imprezz allows you to create invoices swiftly. All you have to do is insert your logo, and the necessary details and the tool will generate the invoice automatically



Ledger consists of all transaction details with a particular customer and serves as a statement of accounts that is created automatically eliminating all human and clerical errors



You can easily create bills in multiple currencies with the help of Imprezz. When you raise an invoice for that particular customer, convert the item price in your base currency to your customer’s currency and the amount gets converted automatically according to the exchange rate which is updated hourly


Partial Invoices

The feature allows you to bill your customer for a part of the total order amount even if the final delivery, completion, or final acceptance isn’t made



Get email or push notifications for all the account activities such as accepting quotations, overdue payments, stock levels, and much more

Purchase order

Take effective control of your purchase orders. The automated system helps you keep track of your expenses and ensures everything functions smoothly

Mobile Billing App

Use mobile billing system for frictionless experience from adding customers to articles in the inventory. With the feature to generate sales receipts automatically, record discounts, display sales stats, you can easily estimate revenue for a specific period


Recurring Invoices

Send recurring invoices to the current customers automatically with the help of Imprezz. Simply create an invoice, set a duration, and enter the recipient. The invoice will be sent by the software when it is due

Register Payments

Register all the payments due so you are notified before the due date. Having a record of your payments for a specific period gives you an overall view of income for that period


Stationery Design

Create your quotations and invoices in a professional and uniform template. You can easily customize the designs and content, apart from legal components that you must comply with


The customer support team is readily available to walk you through all features and guide you whenever you feel stuck


Terms of payment

You can add payment terms to quotations and invoices and determine the due date, discounts, and text modules

Team Collaboration

You can quickly collaborate with your accountant or financial advisor remotely without the need to be present at the same location


Imprezz offers a simple time tracking and timesheet billing software that helps you effortlessly track time, manage tasks, and bill your clients

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