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Simplify return filing with GST exports

Organise finances and documents

Handle returns effortlessly

Get ledger statements for contacts


Streamline your accounting process

Imprezz aims to provide you with a smooth accounting experience with its simple features and intuitive user interface. From GST export, debit and credit notes, straightforward ledgers to document management everything is focused towards making your life easy.


Digitising your accounting is the first step

Gone are the days of worry about managing elaborate ledgers and piles of documents. Switch to Imprezz for the ease of accounting with simple ledgers providing statement summary, bulk payments and simplified documentation.

Create customer-specific ledgers and their statement summary on the closing balance based of any kind of transaction (purchase, sale or return). Resolve customer queries in seconds by retrieving all transaction information for a selected period.

Managing bulk payments has never been easier! Whenever you receive a bulk payment, the system offers you the option to clear the opening balance and then the invoices on a first-in, first-out basis.

Maintain documents of all transactions in a paper-free, clutter-free manner with Imprezz. The software also allows you to upload images of articles for future reference.


Get automatic calculations for GST filing

With GST enabled invoices and expenses, say goodbye to time-consuming tax calculations. Use GST export feature to get transactions data with GST inputs within seconds and share the same with your accountant for swift GST filing.

Once you enter the current GST rate for the articles, Imprezz takes care of the rest. The invoices and expenses record GST data which can be later exported to manage taxes.

On selecting a period for tax consultant export, Imprezz creates a ZIP file in a CSV or tally format containing your invoices and expenses for that period. This helps derive data useful for GST filing in one go.

Now you dont have to worry about complicated transaction record maintainance. When you use Imprezz for all your business transactions, you get complied data automatically for your Chartered Accountant.


Collaborate with multi-user roles

The key to the success of any business lies in clear communication among the team. Save time and effort spent in communication with the customisable multi-user access feature of Imprezz

The team collaboration feature of Imprezz software allows your chartered accountant real-time access to all data related to GST filing. Say goodbye to the stressful back and forth of piles of documents, bills, and receipts; you can give your accountant an access to file sharing and downloading for better efficiency.

The admin reserves the power to grant need-based access to different departments. For instance, the sales department can be given access to invoicing, while the purchase department can be allowed to access the inventory management part. This need-based access allows information sharing without compromising on data secrecy.

Enable and organise collaboration with all the data at one place. Once added, your team members can access the centralised data using their own login credentials. This eliminates the need for sharing data through a hard drive and ensures hundred percent data security.


Don’t let any transaction slip through

Record customer-wise information on the payment due or credit extended with Imprezz. Be it purchase return or sales return – maintain your cash and credit balances with zero confusion.

Issue credit notes to address your customer requests for return of damaged goods. You can either register a refund by repaying them or offer a store credit on future purchases with the help of credit notes feature.

A debit note is issued when you are dissatisfied with a purchase and wish to return goods or services to the supplier. The expense so cancelled out will be shown as excess payment in your accounts.

Get category-wise and period-wise customer data and the credit offered to them in a few clicks. Also, know the excess payment made to your suppliers and hence get a complete view of your transactions.

Uncomplicate your accounting, now!

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