Level up your business with smart P.O.S solution

Get comprehensive mobile billing solution

Generate and send reciepts instantly

Check-out & accept payments in a few clicks

Manage inventory from anywhere

Database of more than 1.2 Million Products available for a Quick Scan & Sale

Database of more than
1.2 Million Products available
for a Quick Scan & Sale


Get complete Point of Sale (P.O.S) solution for your store

With the Imprezz Mobile Billing Solution, you can now complete your retail sales transactions straight from your pocket. Imprezz mobile billing app is the easiest and the best app for Point of Sale activities (P.O.S), receipt generation, book-keeping, GST compliant invoicing, payments, inventory management and much more.


Be ready for all transactions

Organise your sales process better by managing article databases on mobile P.O.S system. Not just all your data is at your fingertips, it is also secure and accessible at all times.

Adding articles has never been easier – scan the barcode of the article using a mobile scanner and add it to your inventory. The readily available global database records 70,000 product details, easily accessible with one scan.

For articles without a barcode, we have the manual entry option as a backup. All you have to do is click the manual entry button and feed the details.

Avoid the piling up of articles; generate receipts from scanned articles immediately, and ensure swift service and a smooth checkout experience. This increases the efficiency of business operations and aids to serve more people in less time.


Avoid saying ‘Sorry, no stock’ to your customers

Don’t loose out your customers to competition on the account of no stock! Manage inventory effectively and keep a track of your stock in real-time with Imprezz.

Have all your inventory data in your pocket! With all sales, stock and customer data at your fingertips, business operations has never been easier. Manage multiple aspects of your business via automated updates and timely notifications.

Simplify article and customer database management with Imprezz. The app allows custom category creation for articles and customer databases to keep them organised and easy to track. Also, obtain category-specific sales and expense data for trend analysis with the Imprezz app.

Track your incoming and outgoing stock movement from anywhere, anytime with just about a few clicks on your cell phone. Get notified if you are running low on any stock and also get insights on your top selling products.


Step up your check-out process

Get multiple payment options like cash, UPI, debit/credit cards and customer credits along with the functionality to send reciepts via SMS, WhatsApp and eMail.

Recieve payments via multiple options. Imprezz app auto-calculates and conveys the exact bill amount for quicker and error-free payments.

Imprezz allows registering due amounts for repeat customers who maintain a credit tab. This makes tracking dues further easier and avoids losses due to negligence. The records are cleared once the payment is registered.

Track payments by reciepts and analyse the payments modes to know the one that works the best for you!


Bird’s eye view of your business performance 24/7

The smart dashboard of Imprezz gives an overview of all business activities at a glance. Getting all data related to sales, customers and inventory on one platform helps a business owner decode the sales trend and improve profits.

Get monthly or annual sales overview. Compare it with the expenses made in a particular period to assess profits. The smart dashboard also provides invoice and quotation overview, all in one place.

Sales data can be generated and accessed based on customer and article categories on Imprezz. This helps the business owner figure out high revenue-generating articles and customers to plan purchases accordingly.

With all information, charts and reports on the same platform, you can see all business data at a glance for quick analysis. The dashboard offers a bird’s eye view of your business data in real-time to help make informed business decisions.

Easy P.O.S solutions - on mobile!

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