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Why Use Online Invoicing Software Instead of Excel?

by | Jul 25, 2020

Why Use Online Invoicing Software Instead of Excel

Most small businesses and freelancers initially incline towards excel or word to accomplish accounting functions. Although it is believed to be professional, the traditional methods are outdated. The updated GST bill format demands businesses to use Online Invoicing software instead of excel.

SaaS invoicing or Online invoicing Software is an ideal alternative as it provides faster, secure, and integrated invoicing solutions. It rids you from unnecessary manual work by automating accounting attributes.

Online Invoicing software like Imprezz allows you to create invoices and file GST returns in just a few clicks. Run your small, medium, or freelance business with no hassles. Hire your virtual accountant, subscribe to Impezz.in, and adapt the new GST invoice format.

In this article, you will understand the need to use online Invoicing software instead of the GST bill format in excel.

Critical Reasons Why You Should Choose Online Invoicing Software

1.      Automation

The online invoicing software comes with highly integrated features. It enables you to create and send invoices efficiently.

The software automates the process of sending payment reminders to your clients. Thus, increasing your chances of getting paid without delays.

You can also automate the process of sending invoices to your regular customers. Which, in return, increases the customer relationship with your firm.

On Imprezz, you can store and access all your business information under one software platform.

The software is built with all the necessary invoicing features, including the standardized GST tax invoice format.

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2.     Get Paid Faster

The primary agenda of investing in an online invoicing software is to get paid faster. You can request for payment through professionally designed invoices.

Unlike the free invoice templates on excel, accounting software provides direct online payment options in the invoices. It enables your client to make payments right when they receive the invoices.

With Imprezz, you can enable the direct payment option in your invoices. It allows your customer to pay via credit card or bank account.

With Imprezz, you can enable the direct payment option in your invoices

3.     Integrated Accounting Tools

An online invoicing software automatically stores your business records and data. It enables you to create your invoices in no time.

The software is built with expert tools that provide insights on all your financial operations. You can use these statistics to improve your overall business income.

The data stored in the software are encrypted and secure. You can sit back and relax while your management tasks are carried out efficiently with automation tools.

Imprezz accounting software offers secured back-up in the cloud. It enables you to retain your business data in case of system (computer) malfunctions.

The cloud-based accounting system enables you to access and use your financial data from anywhere. You can also customize the access of data according to your preferences and work from anywhere.

4.     Error-Free Invoicing

Manual data entry often leads to errors irrespective of the time and money spent on it. It is impossible to rid of human errors even after proofreading the documents.

On the contrary, online invoicing software spots mistakes and alerts the user to make changes. The data directed software tools to rid you of errors automatically.

5.     Customized Designs

Being professional is not defined by the job you do, but how you do the job. Being professional is critical in today’s competitive world. Using an online accounting software enables you to use professionally designed invoices, quotations, and proposal templates.

The impact your businesses make on your customers can make all the difference. Online quotation creators allow you to customize the templates following your brand. Make sure you create invoicing templates that well define your brand value.

Automate the process of creating quotations. Accomplish your online making strategies with Imprezz.in.

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6.     Integrated Accounting System

Online invoicing software enables you to integrate various other applications. You can easily integrate payment gateways, Google Sheets, Pipelines, etc.

Imprezz allows you to convert the estimates and quotations into a final invoice. It carries out all the accounting tasks of a day without human interruption.

The software automates features like automatic tax settings, data integration, proposal creation tools, etc.


The advantages of online invoicing software mentioned above are impossible to find in excel. Create invoices online to benefit from automated features. Create invoices that get approved by your clients.

Update data automatically and rid of manual hassles. Save time and improvise with data-driven insights. Upgrade your accounting operations, switch to online invoicing software.

Imprezz is a #1 online invoicing software for small businesses in India. Login for a 14 days free trial software program.

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